Phum Thmey

Our support for the village


Phum Thmey is a very special village: excessive use of alcohol and hard drugs, people lost in gambling, dirt on every side and no kind of attention for children who live without rules and without hope for a better future.

In the Viva la Vida Cultural Center all the children of the village can do educational activities, receive attention and basic necessities. We try to understand family situations to solve any problems and we do everything to make our contribution even within the village and its surroundings.

The irresponsibility of adults makes what we do very complicated and it is often very difficult to accept certain situations. The need to help children, however, puts aside the wrong behaviors of adults every time, and we do our best to improve their lifestyle in any way.

Transport to school

The public school is located 3 km from the village and to reach it you have to travel along a road busy with cars, motorcycles and especially trucks, therefore very dangerous.

At the beginning of 2020 we bought a motorbike and a trolley and every day we offer all the children of the village the opportunity to reach the school without risking being run over.

This initiative is important for the safety of children and at sex time it is a job opportunity for those who go back and forth from the village to the public school every day.

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Until we arrived in the village, everyone threw the rubbish on the ground and at sunset they burned it as if there was no tomorrow. In recent years we have done everything to solve this problem and in the end we have succeeded.

Now in Phum Thmey the waste is no longer burned, a company collects the undifferentiated from the positions we have placed in the village, our children collect the plastic door to door, and the children recycle it in our laboratory. (Read the Sart Cambodia project)

Houses and bathrooms

Circumstances of poverty and irresponsibility on the part of their parents force many children to live in inhumane conditions, inside old houses built with straw and rusted iron.

After a careful study since 2018 with the Little Oasis project we have built many houses improving the conditions of food for many children.

We are always attentive to the problems of the village and every time we have the opportunity to give our contribution we do everything to help the most needy children to live with dignity in a real home. (see all the work we have done with the Little Oasis project)


Public school

The Angkun Day Primary School is located 3 km from our village and is attended by about 600 children, about a hundred Phum hmey and returned from neighboring villages. We have always thought of looking for a form of collaboration and since the beginning of 2021 we have started to make our contribution also for the children of the other villages.

For the moment we have built a playground in the chorus and started a dental hygiene project in collaboration with another association.

In 2022 we will try to create a football academy with and above all to open a plastic recycling workshop also in the Angkun Day school.


Unfortunately, emergencies are always around the corner and even in this case we always try to help those in need.

We often found ourselves having to solve problems with the authorities, family problems and above all health problems (denista, dengue fever, operations following accidents, medicines of all kinds and materials for the prevention of Covid).

Fortunately, even in this case, our contribution has always made a difference. (see Little Oasis project)

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How to contribute to the project

You can help in many different ways:

  • Buying the book Controvento or donating in our webpage.
  • Organizing events in your city, such as dinners, aperitifs, concerts, sale of items, lotteries or anything to raise funds. Contact us if you are interested!
  • Coming directly to Cambodia to volunteer! In this way you will see with your own eyes what we do and you can contribute in a practical way to our projects.
  • Spread the word!Share the project with your facebook friends or participate in crowdfunding events that we periodically open in response to the needs of children
  • You can adopt the center by paying a donation every month that will allow us to manage the projects in progress and to continue the projec(read more)