Our answer to the huge problem of the rubbish in this country

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Cambodia is a really beautiful country but unfortunately every corner is full of rubbish thrown on the ground. A serious problem caused by the lack of infrastructure due to the underdeveloped state of the country. In big cities there are collection points but unfortunately only in some places there are small companies that collect waste.

Obviously, there is also a lack of education, information and interest to generate this problem. Most people throw garbage on the ground and at sunset they are burned as if there is no tomorrow.

Our 'Sart Cambodia' project was born in early 2018 after observing this sad reality, with the aim of addressing this problem by raising awareness of children and adults through the implementation of educational activities.

The idea was born with the boys and girls of the Kampong Cham orphanage who attended the first environmental education lessons and then we began to clean up the Phum Thmey village and recycle everything with the children of the Viva la Vida Cultural Center.

Since June 2018 in the Viva la Vida Cultural Center, plastic recycling has become a routine that over time is transforming our center into a small recycling factory.

Since February 2020 the Sart Cambodia project has been advancing with the constant support we receive from the friends of Jungle Surf Sardinia

Recycling in Phum Thmey

We began to clean up the Phnom Thmey village to reclaim the areas where our center was born and then we organized days to raise awareness on the problem of waste with all the children of the village.

During these years, the children of Phum Thmey collected the waste every day which was then sorted, cleaned and transformed in our recycling laboratory.

From 2020 a garbage collection company moves to Phum Thmey and the orphanage on a constant basis to collect the garbage and from the first months of 2021 teenagers are exclusively involved in the door-to-door collection of plastic throughout the village.

The children now clean up the village only once a month when we organize awareness days always accompanied by lots of games and a final party.


Laboratory Phum Thmey

The results obtained in recent years are extraordinary.

General waste has always been collected by a company to which we pay a monthly fee, with the bottles we have done many types of jobs mainly in the field of gardening, with the caps we have created paintings and we use them to write anything on pieces of wood , with straws flowers and small wallets were made, and with the rest of the plastic, then thousands and thousands of bags, for two years we created beautiful cushions that embellished our bookcase. From 2021 in addition to cushions we are also making eco-bricks, to use them in the maintenance works of the gardens of our center and maybe one day also in public schools.

We are therefore talking about important results that derive from a lot of work and from the great commitment of our children who, while having fun, have given and continue to make a great contribution to Cambodia and the world.

The lessons of environmental education

In January 2018 with the boys and girls of the Kampong Cham orphanage we began to study the waste problem in Cambodia through environmental education lessons held in a classroom of the center set up to do these activities with the help of the volunteers present in that period.

The course ended with an excursion to the capital Phon Phen where we showed him the contradictions of a beautiful country but full of waste thrown to the ground in the streets and especially along the banks of the Mekong River.

Later with the boys and girls of the Viva la Vida Cultural Center we carried out various awareness campaigns around Cambodia, aboard a Tuk Tuk, involving hundreds of Cambodian children.


Awareness campaign

When we decided to share our project even outside the village, the awareness campaigns around Cambodia were born, carried out with our tuk tuk and with the boys and girls who over time have shown more interest and participation in the project.

During the travels by tuk tuk, our kids put a lot of effort and at the same time spent unforgettable moments of leisure away from their homes.

We have done many educational activities, such as cleaning villages and multimedia lessons in schools, where our children have explained to hundreds of children the problems of waste in the world and in Cambodia, to make them understand what the consequences are and how they can avoid it. and fight it, just like we do every day in the Viva la Vida Cultural Center.

Watch the video of the first trip

Watch the video of the second trip

Sunday Funday

Initially the Sunday Funday was created to organize fun Sundays with all the children of the village but over time it has turned into a real ecological day.

It usually starts with a football tournament, then group games and then the cleaning of the village which ends in the playground of the Viva la Vida Cultural center where children find music and buffets full of fruit.

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Lab Orphanage Center K.Cham

Since the beginning of 2021 we have also decided to create an area for creative recycling in the Kampong Cham orphanage. We explained to the Mamis who work in the center every process and calm even in the orphanage they began to recycle the plastic with the aim of creating the pillows.

The pandemic has slowed down this work a little but we are sure that even in the orphanage we will achieve important results.

Association Sart Cambodia

The Sart Cambodia project is turning into a Cambodian association made up of university students from the city who are taking the project to heart and who, supported by Viva la Vida Onlus, will certainly be able to do a great job following our teachings.

The pandemic has stopped everything for the moment but there are many ideas and we hope that soon we can start this new journey and achieve important results.


How to contribute to the project

  • You can help us in different ways:

    • Buy our calendars or other items from the solidarity shop.
    • You can adopt the center by paying a donation every month that will allow us to manage ongoing projects and keep the project going (find out more)
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    • Organize events in your city, such as dinners, aperitifs, concerts, item sales, sweepstakes or anything to raise funds. Contact us if you are interested!
    • Come directly to Cambodia to volunteer! In this way you will see with your own eyes what we do and you will be able to contribute in a practical way to our projects.
    • Spread the word! Share the project with your friends via facebook or participate in crowdfunding events that we periodically open in response to the needs of children.