During the first year of activity, the projects carried out in the refugee camps of Greece were financed thanks to fundraising campaigns organized in collaboration with the #CalabriaXIdomeni group.

Since Viva la Vida Onlus officially operates in Cambodia, all projects have been financed in different ways. 

The proceeds from the sale of the book Controvento allowed us to start everything and then start the activities in the orphanage and build the school and the sports center of the Viva la Vida Cultural Center.

Subsequently, the contributions of the volunteers were fundamental, the sale of solidarity objects (t-shirts, bracelets, watercolor drawings and above all calendars), the free donations that arrive through our site and the monthly distance support that from the end of 2020 gives us the security of being able to carry everything forward.





For any doubt do not hesitate to send an email to the address, or contact directly via whatsapp Nicola Regina, responsible for the management of the funds of Viva la Vida Onlus (+393773452016).