It is a project where the most needy children of Phum Thmey receive aid that can improve their living conditions and together with all the other children of the village have the opportunity to study, play and participate every day in many educational activities.



Phoum Thmey is part of the Krala community, made up of 14 villages and in turn inserted in the district of Kampong Siem. The village is 110 km from the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh and 12 km from the city of Kampong cham, the capital of the province of the same name. Phoum Thmey is home to 670 inhabitants, out of a total of 10,700 in the entire community of Krala.

The idea of founding a center in Phum Themy was born after observing the sad daily reality of this village where many children live in poverty and often cannot attend school because they are forced to work by parents lost in the excessive use of alcohol. , illegal games and hard drugs.

The land where the Viva la Vida Cultural Center was born was made available by a local owner and in three years we built a school, a bath complex, a football field and a well. We have reclaimed several areas for cultivation and renovated two old houses where a bookshop was born, a recycling laboratory and above all a house that has hosted volunteers for years and which, with the arrival of the pandemic, has turned into a family home.

After studying the conditions of the village in detail, various services were born also outside the Viva la Vida Culturale Center.

With the Little Oasis project we have built and renovated houses and bathrooms for families who lived in inhumane conditions, improving the sanitation situation and offering children a safe place where they can live a dignified life.

With the Sart Cambodia project we offer a waste collection service. A private company collects indifference and our kids collect plastic. Everything happens door to door and all the inhabitants of Phum Thmey use this important service.

A motorbike trailer leaves our school every day at different times, allowing the children of the village to reach the elementary school avoiding the dangers of a very busy road.


We arrived in Phnom Thmey village with little money and without a project in our hands. We started building a small school without walls to create a simple educational project for the children of the village but then it happened that the network around Viva la Vida expanded and we built a school with three classrooms where every day, children and teenagers teenagers, have the opportunity to study English, Khmer, computers, and to do many other activities.

It was a great bet, we won it over and the results of hard work have already given us a lot of satisfaction.

Discover all our educational activities that take place in our school.


Family House 'Little Oasis'

All the children of the village can attend the Viva La Vida Cultural Center during the activities that take place every day, but based on needs and emergencies, some have the opportunity to eat and sleep in the renovated house to host the volunteers.

In June 2019, following an emergency, six children in difficulty began to eat in our house and later it turned into a canteen where all those who need it eat.

Same thing for the dorms. Since August 2020 following an emergency, we have hosted a group of children in difficulty, and since then the volunteer house has been transformed into a welcoming place for those in need.

Discover the Little Oasis project

Laboratory 'Sart Cambodia'

Since the beginning of this project, cleaning up the village and trying to recycle plastic in a creative way has been one of the favorite games of the children of the village.

Over time, the Sart Cambodia project was born and creative recycling `became a real routine in the Viva la Vida Cultural Center.

In recent years we have carried out many awareness campaigns and recycled kg and kg of plastic inside the school. In February 2020 we built the laboratory thanks to a sponsor who decided to support the environmental project and over time our center is turning into a small recycling factory.

Discover the Sart Cambodia project



Our beautiful library is located in an old renovated house, in the central part of the Viva la Vida Cultural Center, where there are shelves full of books and a large box with lots of entertainment games for children and adults.

The walls are festooned with educational posters and crafts made from recycled plastics. The most important detail of our bookcase is undoubtedly the presence of many cushions filled with plastic that we have created in the laboratory and which allow everyone to read in total comfort.

Football field

The sports center was built on land that in 2017 was filled with garbage and standing water. After having reclaimed it with a great cleaning job and with about 600 square meters it has become the scene of many activities.

Football is the main sport and in recent years, in addition to daily training managed by local volunteers and coaches, we have organized many tournaments involving dozens and dozens of boys and girls from the surrounding villages.

Volleyball is often played and on Sundays, when possible, group games are organized.


Farm & Garden

It is very important to have contact with nature and thanks to all the areas that we have reclaimed in our land, in the Viva la Vida Cultural Center there are several spaces for growing vegetables and many gardens where we have planted flowers and trees that will bear many fruits over time. .

The gardening and cultivation activities keep the children busy who, followed by our staff, learn many things and spend many moments of sharing together in nature.

The 'Pozzo Fratello'

From day one, water has always been a big problem. For two and a half years we used the service of a private company but it was never enough to have water available all day for the farm, for the gardens and above all for the house.

In January 2020, thanks to a fundraiser, we had the opportunity to build a well and since then we have always had our water available.


How to contribute to the project

You can help us in different ways:

  • Buy our calendars or other items from the solidarity shop.
  • You can adopt the center by paying a donation every month that will allow us to manage ongoing projects and keep the project going (find out more)
  • You can allocate your 5x1000 to Viva la Vida Onlus C.F. 94030460789
  • Organize events in your city, such as dinners, aperitifs, concerts, item sales, sweepstakes or anything to raise funds. Contact us if you are interested!
  • Come directly to Cambodia to volunteer! In this way you will see with your own eyes what we do and you will be able to contribute in a practical way to our projects.
  • Spread the word! Share the project with your friends via facebook or participate in crowdfunding events that we periodically open in response to the needs of children.

Thanks to all Viva la Vida