A journey to the heart of cambodia



From November 2017 to March 2020, more than 150 volunteers from different countries of the world alternated in the Viva la Vida Cultural Center. They helped us to build, they contributed financially, they did maintenance work and above all they followed the children during the activities that take place every day.

The arrival of the pandemic blocked volunteering and from March to December 2020, to fill the gap left, we did everything possible to train the teenage boys and girls who were closest to us in previous years Since January 2021 the project has taken on a completely Cambodian form now the staff are full-time working adults and vulnerable adolescents who have found an opportunity for a better future in this place.

Some of them have abandoned their studies and were taking dangerous paths, but thanks to this opportunity they now study in our school, take care of the center and take their first steps into the world of work, in a family environment where they receive all the attention they do not need. have ever had in their life.


In July 2022 we reopened the doors of the Viva La Vida Cultural Center to volunteers who will help our boys and girls grow the project and make it ever more beautiful and dynamic.

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