Viva la Vida Onlus is one small association founded with the aim of helping vulnerable people through the implementation of social projects, mainly based on primary education and respect for the environment.


It was founded in 2016 by Nicola Regina, following a long journey around the world that gave him the desire to 'continue traveling' by helping children in difficulty.

During the first year of activity, Viva la Vida Onlus collaborates with the CalabriaXIdomeni group in refugee camps in Greece. The Oltreconfine project was born to support refugees from the war in the Middle East and in one year several Kurdish-Syrian families were helped and many humanitarian missions were carried out to deliver basic necessities.

Since 2017 Viva la Vida Onlus has been operating in Cambodia, with the aim of improving situations of degradation and creating opportunities for children and families who live in unfortunate contexts. The mission in Cambodia began in the Kampong Cham orphanage (Family Village) where educational projects for children and adolescents were created.

Later, thanks to the sale of Controvento's book and to a large volunteer channel that opened around the non-profit organization, the Bright Future for Children school (Viva la Vida Cultural Center) was built in the Phum Thmey village, located 12 km away. from the city of Kampong Cham.

From the first months of 2018, after a volunteer experience, Carmen Ruiz Garrido stopped to live in the village and together with Nicola and all the volunteers who arrived from different countries of the world, they helped several families in difficulty and created a magical place full of educational activities that every day accompany the children of Phum Thmey towards a future full of hope.

With the arrival of the pandemic, the real fruits of so much work and so many sacrifices came out. The teenage boys of the village and the orphanage of Kampong Cham, who in previous years have participated most in all the activities, have taken over all the projects and with a lot of effort we have managed to transform our work into a totally Cambodian reality.

As new projects begin to take shape, we are working to make the Viva la Vida Cultural Center increasingly independent and therefore self-sustainable.

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